Here's a painting of a cool

Here's a painting of a cool

Here's a painting of a cool cat in Thailand that I was requested to paint late last year. I can do this type of thing for you too! I do really nice and accurate fine art that's affordable too

A palm photo is the most intimate of pics since it can tell you so much about a person (if you read palms). For example, my life-line suggests that I will die at age 79 but then be revived as a cyborg.


an appropriate
suitor is always a dog
It's always a dog...

- suitor


My niece in a 1950s setting. Her smile is so charming. The photo was taken with an old twin-lens reflex camera, a Zeiss Ikon Ikoflex from 1952.
Zeiss Ikon Ikoflex Ia (854/16) (Germany, 1952)
Novar-Anastigmat 75 mm f/3.5
Ilford HP5 Plus 400
This photo was taken by my lovely wife. The next photo from the same session has been published here: and was captured using the old camera you see in the picture.
I really enjoy taking photos with this camera because you can only take 12 shots, and you look through the viewfinder downwards, not forwards.
Sony 6400
Sigma 56 mm f/1.4 DC DN C

Here are 2 portraits that were made for ppl in Pennsylvania and Wisconsin. 1st pic is the , 2nd pic is the original photo. They were based on photos that I was sent+asked to paint with oil paint. I can do this type of thing for u too! Msg me +we can discuss ur ideas

Modern then is modern now. Portrait of German sculptor and graphic artist Rene Sintenis by Stephanie Brandt, 1930.

Here're some pics of an acrylic made for a lady in New Jersey several yrs ago msg me for ! I'd love to make you something nice

lithograph of composer Robert Schumann (1839)

BOOK REVIEW - of : Spadina to Bathurst, by Kevin Steele - Spacing Toronto

Three portraits of a very photogenic elephant seal.

Central coast of California, July 2023.

Here're three pet portraits that were made for people in California, Oregon, and New Jersey in the last year. I can paint your pet too msg me if youre interested in having any nice photos of yours illustrated!

The first pic is the oil painting, the second is the photograph I was asked to paint for a lady in North Carolina last year msg me if you'd like any photographs of yours painted! I do nice work and Im affordable too!

Here's a portrait that I did for a family in Missouri, of four generations of males from a family all together in one painting. Here below it is shown once it was matted and framed and hung proudly in their home. Message me if youd like to have any special photos of yours illustrated!

Here are some photographs of a portrait that was made for two Green Bay fans in Wisconsin about five years ago the 4th pic is the original photograph I was sent and asked to paint. I can do this sort of thing for you too! Im affordable, you'll get a fine deal msg me if interested!

Here's a smaller-sized black and white portrait that was made at the request of a lady in Kentucky last year. This type of thing is affordable and makes a great gift to give someone. Message me if youre interested in me painting any of your favorite photographs

"Plaque of George Washington" 180030
Dept: The American Wing
Credit: Gift of William H. Huntington, 1883
Medium: Porcelain

As a photographer, I am constantly in search of inspiration, Lagos, Portugal, has proven to be an endless source of natural wonder and creative potential. Recently, I had the privilege of conducting two art nude photoshoots at Praia do Canavial in, both at the same time of day, just after sunrise. What made these shoots truly special was the unique charm that each model, and , brought to the experience.

Paloma Setaro: A Dawn of Grace

In the quiet tranquility of the early morning light, Paloma Setaro graced Praia do Canavial with her presence. The soft, warm hues of the sunrise painted the sky as Paloma effortlessly blended into the serene surroundings. The casual, carefree vibe of the shoot was a celebration of the simplicity of enjoying nature and becoming one with it.

Two of the most memorable moments from Palomas session was when she stood on the clifftop track with the early morning light. It was a moment of pure poetry, as she seemed to merge with the tranquil beauty of Praia do Canavial.

As a photographer, I found Palomas ability to connect with the environment and convey a sense of serenity truly remarkable. It was as if she had become an integral part of the coastal landscape, a testament to the harmonious relationship between humans and nature.

Maria do Mar: The Wild and Free Dawn

Two months later, under the same early morning sun, Maria do Mar brought a different energy to Praia do Canavial. The casual, carefree vibe of the shoot was a tribute to embracing the raw beauty of nature.

Two of my favorite shots from Marias session captured her in the same location and I love seeing the different energies both models brought to the shoot and the vibe I was looking for.

These two photoshoots at Praia do Canavial, with Paloma Setaro and Maria do Mar, were a testament to the ever-changing beauty of nature and the unique personalities that graced it. Palomas and Marias wild and free-spirited nature both added depth to the same breathtaking landscape. Each model brought her own style and vibe to the shoot, and as a photographer, I couldnt have asked for a more enriching experience.

Photoshoot on Praia do Canavial with model Maria do MarModel Paloma Setaro Art Nude Photoshoot at Praia do Canavial in Lagos PortugalPhotoshoot on Praia do Canavial with model Maria do MarModel Paloma Setaro Art Nude Photoshoot at Praia do Canavial in Lagos Portugal

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From a recent photo shoot. Really enjoyed this shoot, it pays to work with trusted models. Cara - speak fluent English and a joy to work with.

This is an that was made for a lady in Florida about 2yrs ago msg me if youre interested in having your pet painted! I paint humans as well! And my stuff's affordable too

This is a portrait that was made for a home in Pennsylvania several yrs back. The second pic is the original photograph that I was sent and asked to paint. A lady sent me a photo of her husband's grandparents and asked to have them painted. This type of thing is affordable , and I can do it for you too, msg me if interested!

This is an oil painting wedding portrait on canvas, made for a couple from the Ukraine several years ago. Message me if you're interested in having any of your photographs painted

promotional photograph of John Shelton and Lana Turner for 'We Who Are Young' (1940)

Pretty amazed by the prolific output of Daily high quality works that are also for sale. There's variety too . Some of the works in ballpoint remind me of the great pen and ink illustrators like Bernie Wrightson etc.

Hello the world of Masterdon! Im new here! Be kind Im a tattoo artist who specialises in and

Also, WOW! The images from the are now not yellow tinted. It truly looks like a good lens to do and with.

The lens sort of does bither me. For this one, since I opened it, I know the entire front element is doped glass since it was homogeneously yellow. So it's in the back of my mind . I did put it up close to my eye for inspection and such, but did not bite it or sand and breathe it. And I touched it and rubbed it.

Here's a work-in-progress pic of a prismatic pet portrait painting made several years ago for a person in Pennsylvania msg me for !

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Model amanda.obscura
Dress by wishbonelatex

Paul Richer (1849-1933) - Autoportrait. c1905-1911.

Here's a painting of a cool cat in California that was recently finished, it was done with oil paint on canvas, check it out! I can do this type of thing for you , too. Just message me with some of your favorite photos and we can talk about having some custom art made for you!

"Adolescent, 12, Wearing Earrings and a Suit" 1850s
Artist: Unknown
Dept: Photographs
Classification: Photographs
Credit: Bequest of Herbert Mitchell, 2008
Medium: Daguerreotype with applied color

Here's a portrait that is nearly finished, these are a few work-in-progress photos below this one was made for a lady in California, this is her parent's cat and she will give this to them as a holiday gift. Message me if youd like something made for you! I can paint any of your photos!

Canada geese trying to look innocent.
Frankfurt airport, July 2023.

After the rain

9 December 2018

Fujifilm X-T2 + Fujinon XF 56mm f/1.2 R
ISO 200, /1.2, 1/550s

Noodling with biros as it's too hot to play games or watch TV

Here're some examples of portraits that Ive made for people in Thailand, the Netherlands and Michigan. I'd love to paint any of your favorite photos, I specialize in that! Feel free to reach out to me. This type of thing makes a really fabulous gift to give someone!

Here're some progress photos of an oil painting portrait that was created for a man in New York City, it was used as a cover for his autobiography. The 4th pic below is the original photograph. If you need any artwork made, please let me know, I'd love to make you something! Ill give you a great deal too

Here's a painting that was done for a couple in Ohio several years ago msg me if youre interested in having any of your special photos painted, Id love to make you something!

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