These are some work-in-progress photos of

These are some work-in-progress photos of

These are some work-in-progress photos of a painting that was made at the request of a gentleman in New York state several months ago message me if you'd like to have me paint your little guy!

This is a portrait that was made for a family in Florida a few years ago. Message me if you'd like any photos of yours painted! I'd love to make you something cool!

Here're some work-in-progress pics of a painting of a well-known and very respected monk that's now hanging in a temple in southern Thailand, it was painted a few months ago. Message me if you're interested in having any photos of yours painted!

Here's a work-in-progress photo of an oil painting portrait that was made for a family in Thailand. Message me if youd like any of your favorite photographs painted! Nearly any subject can be illustrated - landscapes, family photos, pet pictures, sci-fi and fantasy and comic book stuff, whatever you'd like!

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Heres a work-in-progress photo of a set of two portrait paintings that were made for a couple in Liechtenstein earlier this year. Message me if you'd like any paintings made based off of any photos you send me! I can paint you nearly anything you like, and Im affordable too!

Here is a painting of a cool cat in California that Im working on right now, check it out! I do pet paintings often, it is one of my studio's specialties! If anyone out there'd like any of their favorite photos hand-painted on canvas, get in touch with me! I'd love to make something cool for you!

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*This sweet girl belonged to a friend. She was a rescue. Her death came as a shock to their family. I couldn't bring her back, but I could preserve her memory...

- portrait


This portrait was taken during the Flou Sentimental workshop.

Model : Sandrynn De

14 June 2014

Canon EOS 5D Mark II + EF 135mm f/2L USM
ISO 1600, /2, 1/640s

My biannual taken by my friend (of almost a decade) Jean-Andre. He makes his living taking polaroid snapshots in SoHo

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"Muriel in the Sun"

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First time trying the Meyer-Optik Domiplan 50mm f2.8 with a modern camera (Canon 5D IV). The bokeh really is something special.
Photo shoot with and

EPOC aime la !

, rsultats d', galeries de de dirigeants, ,

1994 Welsh guy odd-jobbing his way across the US. We met in the pool room at the 500 Club and made pictures the next day. I asked him to remove his plaid newsboy for a proper picture of his gorgeous hair.

Nearly any photograph you have can be painted! These below were made for people in Michigan, Florida, the Bahamas, and Alaska. Message me if you've got any special photos that you think'd look nice as hand-painted artwork!

portrait of Pierre-Narcisse Gurin by Francois Bouchot (1830)

Spent a couple of hours in the National Portrait Gallery.

Douglas at Notre Dame Plaza, 1993.

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I make money from Product photography but it is one of my lesser interesting things to shoot. I mainly like documentary style but also love so a little bit of landscape too.

Here're a few photos of a family portrait that was made for a family in Denmark. They asked to have one of their favorite photos painted by hand in oil paint on canvas. Anyone out there that has any nice photos that they think'd make nice paintings, please feel free to send them to me and we can chat about having some cool custom art made for you!

Self-portrait of the photographer(s).

My local camera club ran a portrait photography workshop last night. We learned to play about with studio lights on different angles and get to grips with using light and shadow in our compositions. Was good to get outside my comfort zone a little bit. Pablo the mannequin was doing a fine job modelling for us, but I felt he needed some company

portrait practice sketch

Here is a wedding portrait that I finished a few weeks ago, it was made for a lady in Oklahoma. She sent me a photograph from the 1970s and asked to have it painted by hand for her. I can paint any of your favorite phtoos too, message me if you have any that youd like me to take a look at!

This is an oil painting on canvas that was made for a family in Italy about four years ago msg me for , I can paint your favorite photographs!

Matt at Notre Dame Plaza, 1993.

Here is a work-in-progress photo of Mr. Miyagi from The Karate Kid films that is now hanging in a home in Indiana. Please send me a message if you'd like any characters or scenes from any of your favorite films painted!

Below is a portrait of legendary singer Billie Holiday that was made at the request of a gentleman in New Jersey several years ago. If anyone out there is interested in having any of their favorite stars painted, please get in touch with me! This type of thing is very affordable and also makes a great gift to to a friend or family member!

I'm thinking of starting a or to help fund some of my side projects, only problem is that they're different mediums. One is a set of adventures for . The other is some artistic based on religious artwork of the Renaissance. For anyone familiar with these sites, how would you suggest going about this Do and mix and match different projects Is it best to keep things separate Which site is better

Herman at Notre Dame Plaza, 1993.

Step into a world of contrasts with these captivating ! The first, a enchantress with a touch of modern pink. The second, a masterpiece with ethereal purple locks. A tale of timeless styles woven with vibrant threads of personal expression.

Sydneys urban landscape consistently surprises me with its blend of architecture, culture, and lively energy. Thus, on a tranquil Sunday morning in November 2022, equipped with my photography gear and accompanied by the spirited model , I embarked on a photoshoot aiming to capture the essence of urban beauty unconventionally. The theme Swimwear amidst the Sydney cityscape.

As dawn broke over the iconic George Street, Vanessa wearing a striking purple bikini within urban surroundings we began our photoshoot. The early hour ensured an empty street, granting us the liberty to transform it into our personal canvas.

The choice of swimwear might have been unusual for a city shoot, yet that was the intention. We sought to challenge norms and blend unexpected elements, using George Street as our stage. Vanessas poise and confidence radiated as she gracefully navigated the concrete and steel giants enveloping her.

In our initial shots, I positioned Vanessa in the middle of George Street, using the roads light rail lines and the towering buildings to craft a visually compelling frame. The lines directed attention towards Vanessa, the unmistakable focal point. Her confident pose against the buildings presented a captivating contrast a testament to the coexistence of nature and man-made structures.

As the morning unfolded, Vanessas ability to seamlessly blend into the cityscape, turning each shot into a story of urban beauty and resilience, left me inspired. The images captured that Sunday morning now hold a special place in my , reminding me of the creative potential within collaboration.

Anticipating my return to Sydney later this year, I look forward to the endless possibilities for future photoshoots. Each offers a chance to explore artistry and emotion anew. Perhaps another sunrise session on George Street will grace my schedule, allowing me to once again blend the human forms beauty with the captivating cityscape Sydney generously provides. Until then, these images will continue to narrate the story of that early November morning when Vanessa and I transformed George Street into our personal masterpiece.

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Here is a painting that was made for a lady in Washington state a few months ago. I'm able to paint your pet, message me if you'd like me to make something cool like this for you! Also makes a fabulous present to give to a friend or family member!

Here're some progress photos of a painting that was made for a lady in New York state several years ago that she gave to her parents as a gift, this is her parent's dog. I can paint any photographs of pets that you send to me! This type of thing makes a really nice gift. Message me if you'd like something created for you!

This is some Back to the Future fan art that was made last year and is now hanging proudlyy in the home of a fan in Texas. I painted it with acrylic paint, ink, and graphite on canvas. If anyone would like any of their favorite characters or scenes from their favorite films illustrated, please let me know! I can make nearly anything you'd like!